Who We Are

Neame Lea is one of the largest Ornamental Plant Producers in the UK across a range of crops including Bedding Plants, Perennials, Shrubs, Herbs and Vegetables. It operates from 42 acres of glasshouse production in the Lincolnshire area, and employs over 700 people at peak times.

The original Neame Lea Nursery was founded in 1975 by Malcom Barney a hugely respected figure within the horticultural sector who sadly passed away in January 2010. Neame Lea nursery based in Gosberton was purchased from the Barney family by David Ball an Economics Graduate from Sheffield University. David who had been born into a growing family had very clear views on the direction he wanted to take the business and after a period of acclimatisation David started to put his plans into action. Maintaining the strong hardworking ethics of a family business David applied the principles of his economics training and focused his attention on an industry that was facing challenging times. Rising costs and a consolidating market were impacting on an inefficient supply chain within an industry that had been severely underinvested for many years. David’s vision was to establish the lowest cost of production in the UK coupled with a streamlining of the supply chain and the development of new and sustainable routes to market. Over the next couple of years he established this through lots of hard work and investment allowing Neame Lea to establish itself as one of the UK’s leading Ornamental plant producers across arrange of categories. The business now boasts 42 acres of glasshouse production within the Spalding area with over £10m being invested at the company’s principle Horseshoe Road site over the past two years. This modern automated site provides some of the best growing facilities in the UK and establishes a firm platform for future developments.

Continued investment has enabled Neame Lea to be at the forefront of the UK ornamentals market and by establishing a number of key partnerships has provided the business with the confidence to invest in long term sustainability. David Ball’s commitment and foresight coupled with the effort and determination of the Neame Lea staff have delivered on the initial vison by staying true to its core honest and hardworking principles.

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